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Windmill Island Gardens

The Windmill Island Gardens is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your time here. We would love to see you and your smiling faces. We have some amazing activities that we have to offer you. We have Make And Take Tuesday Workshop, Koffie Kletz, Run of The Mill 5K. You just need to register for the activity you want, and sign up so you can be a part of something and have a fun time being involved in the Windmill Island Gardens. You can go to our website and sign up for whatever activity you want. You can also go and donate anything to the Windmill Island Gardens.

We have an access pool that you can swim in, it is ADA Accessible, has parking so you can be close to the pool and not have to walk as far to approach. We have restrooms that you can use. It is an outdoor facility that is open usually the first week of June all the way through Labor Day Weekend. The pool is a fun and a fantastic way to enjoy a warm, hot, sunny day in the summer. We love having kids, teenagers, adults, young adults, and everyone have a fun time at the pool!

The recreation activities that are held here are visiting the farmers market, Ice Skating, Sledding and Skiing, Wellness Trail like going outdoors, staying healthy, and we have a Summer / fall event guide which is on a PDF document.

THere are different facilities here at Windmill Island Gardens such as Bouws Pool, Cemeteries, Centennial Park Gazebo, Civic Center, Kollen Park Boat Launch, Maplewood Youth Complex, and Matt Urban Sports Complex.

You can contact us by calling us at (616)- 355-1030. Fax us at (616)- 355- 1035. We would love to see your smiling face here!